Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What we're about

You may believe (and quite frankly I wouldn't blame you) that we're about starting a blog and not writing in it for months at a time. Not so.

Actually, we're about saving the world through coffee. No, it won't be through my overcaffination that nations are saved. It will be through the relationships that come through drinking it. It will come through purchasing fair trade coffee that gives farmers a fair wage for an honest day's work. It will come through ditching chemicals and growing the cherries the way that they've done for millenia - organically.

It will happen, because giving back to those in need, and attaching a face and name with the contributions are part of what will make us human again.

So, is this just a ploy to get you to buy our beans? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

We invite you to join the adventure and find out... is coming soon...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Post

I'm so excited about this plan coming to fruition!  It's been a journey - and will continue to be one  - but this next phase is really uplifting!